Looking for a maintenance free solution to your deck or fence? If you are planning on having your deck or fence for more than two years and do not want to stain or paint, make sure you get a quality product from the start. Choose Vinyl! Watch the installation video for Vinyl Fencing here:.

How long has vinyl fence been around?

Vinyl Fencing has been available since 1984. It is the fastest growing product in the fencing industry with sustained annual growth at more than 30%


Vinyl has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility. It flexes under load making it strong enough to safely hold cattle and horses. Our product, manufactured by WesTech, uses a Co-Extrusion process with impact modifiers and UV inhibitors to make our Vinyl one of the best in the Industry. Read article titled, "Fence still stands after hurricane blows".


The co-extruded vinyl is made out of two concentric streams: an outer stream containing the ultraviolet inhibitor, and an inside stream with reduced ultraviolet protection. These two streams are chemically attached to each other under great pressure and temperature forming one continuous stream. These two layers cannot be separated and make the vinyl stronger. Added protection against fire Read article

Cost of Vinyl Versus Wood

Vinyl Vs Wood
Vinyl Wood
Non Pro-rated Warranty Lifetime None
Labour Warranty 1 Year Not Included
Projected Life 50+ Years 10-15 Years
Maintenance Free Yes No
Graffiti Resistant Yes No
Termite Free Yes No
Fungus & Dry Rot Free Yes No
Free of Harmful Chemicals Yes No
Painting Never Yes
Color Stable Yes No
  Some questions you may have when buying vinyl products

What is the Manufacturer's Warranty

The first place to look for quality is in the manufacturer's warranty. If the manufacturer doesn't back their product up with a non-pro-rated Lifetime Warranty (50 year) then you have reason for concern. You should also ask who is standing behind the warranty. Is it the store? If so, what happens if the store discontinues the line? How do you get a replacement? If the manufacturer is backing the warranty you should ask how long have they been in business and how likely it is that they'll still be in business when you need them. Prestige's Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty is backed by a multi-billion dollar company who has been in business for 60 years.

Screw, Brackets, Glue & Wall Thickness

Does the fencing style you are looking at depend on screws, brackets and glue to hold the fence together, or is it properly engineered so that all pieces lock together into pre-routed slots for strength and durability? Also, you will find that the wall thickness of the discount house fencing are much thinner and more likely to sustain a dent, crack or even break upon normal impact.

U.V. Protection

How the Vinyl is protected from ultraviolet light is an important consideration. Our Vinyl uses Titanium Dioxide at ten parts per hundred (10%) which creates a sun block equivalent to #38 if compared to a sunscreen.

What are Impact Modifiers?

Impact Modifiers are a special series of chemicals (acrylic modifiers) that keep the fencing strong and flexible even in very cold weather. Some manufacturer's Warranty is your only real protection because impact modifying compounds are not detectable by the naked eye. It takes laboratory testing to determine that the correct amount has been used.

What are ASTM Standards?

ASTM F964-94 is a standard for manufacturers of vinyl fencing that the better manufacturers meet or exceed. Not all manufacturers comply with these standards so it makes sense to ask. If the provider of the vinyl product does not know what the ASTEM standards are, it is likely that the fence does not comply.