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More Quality Products from Superior Seamless

Window & Door Trims

We custom manufacture our window and door cladding which is available in steel, Aluminium, and PVC coated metal in a wide variety of colors.


Our insulation products are available in many different varieties, including Styrofoam, Celfort, Styrofold 5-plus, Foam Core, and levelwall. Available in different thicknesses and R-values.

By upgrading your insulation, you may be elegible for a rebate using the Manitoba Hydro Smart Home Insulation Program

Custom Metal Trim & Flashing

Metal trim is a protective solution to any building. Not only is it durable, reliable, and cost-effective, but it can increase the look and value of your building

Garage Door Openers

Automatic garage door openers contribute to the simplicity in things. At the push of a button, the ½ horsepower motor does the work of opening the garage door for you

Storm Doors

Storm doors feature a corrosion-free fibreglass screen, reversible hinges (can be installed to open left or right), as well as an interior finishing kit.

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Shutters & Vents

Our professionals are experts at installing decorative shutters and vents to increase the value and beauty of your home.

Decorative Surrounds

We can provide you with decorative surrounds that can be an accent and a compliment to your windows and doors. Decorative surrounds are a nice touch to any home.

Awnings and Louvers

Aluminium awnings will protect your valuable carpets, drapes, and furniture from direct sun rays. As well, rooms are kept up to 20% cooler in the summer.

Brands we Carry