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Seamless Steel Siding

Seamless is the Better Choice

Seamless Steel Siding is the method of choice when it comes to building, renovating, or any project you may have in mind. Our Seamless Steel Siding does not have the unsightly splices, joints or gaps where dirt and moisture penetrate like conventional siding does, and requires virtually no maintenance. The seamless design also helps keep out insects and rodents.

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A strong steel base forms the core of this premium quality product.

  • Seamless Lengths: no gaps and no joints
  • Weather-Proof Seal
  • Will not sag, ripple or vibrate
  • Minimal expansion and contraction
  • Non-flammable
  • Conforms to CAN/CGSB-93.3-M91 (Canadian General Standards Board)


Super Seamless is the ultimate protection for a lifetime of worry free performance. One of things that distinguishes it from conventional siding is its durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) color wood grain coating, which is fused to the steel base.

  • Eight times thicker than coatings found on other metal siding
  • No cracking, chipping or peeling
  • Proven corrosion resistance
  • Unmatched colour stability, resists fading
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Natural woodgrain embossing adds strength and beauty


Seamless Steel Siding is available in dozens of colours and profiles from black to white, including woodgrain colours.

White Canvas Sand Northwood Khaki Burlap Ash Charcoal Carbon Boulder Bronze Sage Storm Brick Saddle Mahogany Shadow Fossil Moss Antique Ivory Herringbone Pearl Grey Classic White Wickerton Sandalwood Dove Grey Slate Grey Harvest Gold Chocolate Brown Colonial Red Black Pacific Blue Cedar Brown Charcoal Heritage Blue Sherwood Green Teal Green Tudor Brown Mist Green

Manufactured On Site

Seamless products are unique in the way that they are manufactured on site. Peer into the truck and you'll see this unique machine. From a roll of steel, it manufactures the product to exact specifications. Super Seamless beauty begins with each panel of siding being custom manufactured on the job site to precise specifications -- whether it's 2 inches or 200 feet. Our eavestroughs are also manufactured on site using the same process.

100% Canadian Made

Seamless Steel Siding is a high performance product crafted from 100% quality Canadian Steel.

Simply The Best

How Seamless compares to other siding products